A week in which I felt relatively ok, although it was sluggish in my head at times, and I noticed making small but inconvenient mistakes like mixing up appointment times telling me my focus and overview isn’t all that good. Over the weekend I visited dear friends in Switzerland and it was good to talk with them. We’ve known eachother for 35 years, so there’s no bullshitting them and they know my patterns. Also the fact of knowing someone for so long, and making efforts to see each other becomes a thing to value in itself. It was good to see them and hang out.

This week I

  • Prepared and then facalitated the quarterly meet-up of the Dutch tactical council for EU data laws and geo information.
  • Had a conversation with the JRC to make plans for the next steps in their collaboration with my client.
  • Mixed up the appointment times for this week’s and next week’s session with a psychologist, which annoyed me rather a lot.
  • Had the weekly client meetings
  • Had a conversation with a small group of likeminded INSPIRE country representatives discussing the progress of the INSPIRE renewal process and its future in the contex of the Green Deal and other data spaces.
  • Read and annotated the discussion on the new government data re-use law in the Parliament’s First Chamber (the senate), and the law itself. After three years dealy it is finally here.
  • Discussed progress on the European open data maturity survey that we’re doing the Dutch part for on behalf of the Dutch government.
  • Had a brief discussion with provincial decision makers about the mutual expectations of the interprovincial ethics committee and them.
  • Was interviewed by a client for an article on our work.
  • Discussed the licensing the Dutch meteo-office uses for their open data, and what that does and doesn’t mean, in the context of a re-user explicitly refusing to follow some of their licensing requirements.
  • Did the monthly invoicing for my company
  • Brought Y to the yearly 4 day walking event for primary schools in the neighbourhood event. The finish was Friday which is a festive occasion for which also Y’s grandparents came to stay.
  • Spent the weekend with four long time friends in Switzerland, nominally for the 50th birthday party of one of them, but also to catch up and talk about life while walking along the shore of a lake.

Lake Zug, with Rigi and Lake Lucerne in the back, seen from up the Walchwilerberg, where the party took place.

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