Last week was a busy week, with lots of things taking me away from the home office.

  • On Monday I visited the newly renovated offices of a client, which were festively re-opened that morning. In previous week I lent the client team I worked with the keys to my company’s offices so they could meet-up when needed.
  • Reached out the the National Statistics Office’s digital ethics committee, for a conversation about their work, mandate and composition.
  • Sat in on a meeting about IMX-Geo, a cross domain geo-information model for Dutch government data.
  • Did a new close-read of the Dutch open government / freedom of information law.
  • Booked my stay and travel for the first of two conferences in November in Brussels, this one for the Next Generation Internet Forum. The other November trip to Brussels will be for the INSPIRE Conference, both EU events.
  • Did the preparations for facilitating a first deep dive conversation about the Green Deal Data Space, co-hosted by my client Geonovum and JRC, the research DG of the EC, and facilitated the session.
  • Chaired a board meeting of the Open State Foundation, which included introducing a new board member.
  • Had a follow-up conversation with the team of the Dutch intergovernmental data strategy program, about embedding digital ethics both in data use cases as well as the emergent federated national government data infrastructure.
  • Had the monthly team meet-up at the office, which we dedicated entirely to following-up on what we learned during our team training in Portugal two weeks ago.
  • Participated in a webinar by the Green Deal Data Association, which is a newly formed group of mostly companies and a few research bodies. It’s not entirely clear how they are positioned w.r.t. the EU Green Deal Data Space preparatory work. By their answer they aren’t clear on that themselves either, or see the EU GREAT project as less relevant to them.
  • Participated in a call with the International Data Space Association (IDSA), onboarding a client as member. It’s one of the new connections I’ve organised for my client.
  • Did the introductions in a meet-up of PhD students whose research deals with the allocation of responsibility in organisations w.r.t. digital ethics and AI. The meet-up is an activity initiated from my role as secretary to the interprovincial ethics committee. The session was organised and prepared by my colleague F and me.
  • Had an interprovincial ethics committee session followed by a dinner together.
  • Had a meet-up with colleagues J and F about our financial administration. Since our founding I’ve done the finances, and F is now getting involved, to not make it just my responsibility.
  • With E visited a furniture store, to pick out an additional couch for the living room. Now that Y is getting a bit taller, we need a bit more lounging options.
  • Went swimming with E and Y. Now that Y has her swimming diplomas we want to keep up her skills. We bought a multi-visit pass to the (indoor) pool so that we can keep going there in the coming months.

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