This was a week which demanded deep attention on a variety of things. Next week will be similar. The weather was still great, meaning that while public transport was on strike I enjoyed cycling into the city.

This week I

  • Participated in a session where two of my clients were discussing a collaboration. As I do work for both my role was one of translating things said by one into the terms used by the other and vice versa, and thus bridge the differences in vocabulary and context.
  • Wrote a detailed plan for an ethics committee for the Dutch provinces. One where the output is not a yes or no answer like research ethics boards, but research based guidance w.r.t. the agency of provinces in the context of their specific public tasks
  • Watched butterflies get drunk from enjoying the fermenting and rotting apples that drop out of our tree
  • Had the weekly client meetings
  • Celebrated E’s birthday
  • Did some preparation for a session on EU legislation with the national statistics office
  • Presented the plans for a provincial ethics committee twice, and started preparing for next week to run it b three different groups of decision makers to get approval to go ahead.
  • Had a long and detailed discussion with a police organisation on a project proposal on AI ethics. Next week I’ll do a partial rewrite of the proposal to better fit their context and needed results
  • Hired a new team member, who will start next week.
  • Wrote a number of new Notions for my pkm, suprising myself with the volume of output
  • Did a check on the progress of various EU initiatives w.r.t. data legislation and the planned dataspaces.
  • Finished reading the things I wanted to read in a 1930s book of some curiosa interest to the pkm community
  • Took Y to her weekly swimming lesson
  • Spent a nice day with E and Y cycling through the fields just north of here, drinking coffee on a farm, and having lunch at the midway point.
  • Started outlining my upcoming talk at Netherlands WordCamp in two weeks, on integrating IndieWeb tools better into WordPress
  • Wrote down my experiences with in the last month, and started a side project to interact with its API directly from my notes, and leaving the browser interface alone.

Cycling through the polders near the Laak river with E and Y