A pretty regular week, although with the COVID19 second wave building, measures are getting stricter again. I’m expecting a regional renewed lockdown for our area and mandatory mask wearing (voluntary mask wearing has been increasing a lot already) in the coming days. All in all we’re expecting that we’ll be spending a lot of time at home, when the fall weather isn’t inviting to go outside. This will mean finding new rhythms and balances within the household.

In the past week I:

  • Took Y to her dancing class
  • Took Y to a playdate she had arranged herself with a kid from another group, enlisting my help to find out the contact details of her friend’s parents.
  • Did a session on the Dutch government system of base registers for a client team
  • Discussed with a client a potential project on citizen science community stewarding, for which we will be writing a client proposal next week
  • Spent quite a bit of time working to get the statutes and bylaws of the Open Nederland association, of which I’m the treasurer, notaried, after which we will be able to apply for charity status with the tax office (we already are a non-profit organisation)
  • Had a board meeting with the Open Nederland board
  • Had the weekly client meetings
  • Had an internal session comparing notes on our work with various clients that are similar in organisation, to see what parallels we can draw.
  • Took Y to the bookstore, as it was ‘childrens books week’ nationally. We selected several new books together to read to her
  • Bought something I never thought I would ever need: waders, to be able to do maintenance on the waterfront facing, for which I need to stand in the small water way at the back of our house (see image below).

The water way behind our house (March 2018). Photo Elmine Wijnia, license CC BY NC SA