My blog archive prompts me that today it is 13 years ago that I stopped hosting this site on a PC under my desk, and moved it to a webhoster, the same one it is hosted with today. I had an internetprovider that gave me a fixed IP and I had a double ISDN line at home since 1997. The ISDN lines were provided by my then employer, so I could work remotely (he was ahead of his time, my second employer in contrast argued with me whether I really needed an e-mail address at work 😉 ) One ISDN line I used as internet connection, plugged into my PC which doubled as a webserver. In 2002 we switched from ISDN to ADSL, which had better bandwidth at 6MB, albeit asymmetrical. Over time it got less reliable though and my site at times was unreachable, so in 2007 I switched it over to a hoster.

In 2010 glass fibre reached us, upping bandwidth at home to 100MB, then 500MB and then 1GB, all symmetrical. That would have been an opportunity to run a webserver at home again, but by then I used laptops only and didn’t have a machine I wanted to run 24/7.

These days however, back on a 1GB connection after a brief stint back to 500MB, and not just with one fixed IP address, but with a vast range allocated, it might be viable again to run a webserver from home again. Or multiple cheap ones, like Raspberry Pi’s. Maybe I should start with running an experimental one full time first.