Thinking about bringing slide decks now on Slideshare / Scribd ‘home’ to self-hosting. What would be options? Basic hosting packages (possibly limited storage), cloud storage (possibly hard to embed in viewer), any things between those two?

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  1. yes, it would need me to create a public link for each file individually though. I plan to include an html object w t public url, so prefer immediately public urls being available.

  2. @ton Not self-hosting, but a friendly alternative to Slideshare could be https://zenodo.orgThere are other open repositories for scientific documents that are open source. Dataverse: Danny Brooke, Harvard UniversityDSpace: Maureen Walsh, The Ohio State UniversityEPrints: John Salter, University of LeedsFedora: David Wilcox, LYRASISHaplo: Tom Renner, HaploInvenio: Lars Holm Nielsen, CERN Islandora: Mark Jordan, Simon Fraser UniversitySamvera: Jon Dunn, Indiana University
    Zenodo – Research. Shared.

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