The first novel by Ada Hoffmann (pseudonym), a Canadian author, published last year. A Lovecraft subversion of ultimately almost an entire planet brings on the Inquisition, AI gods originally created by man from our current lowly computers (since banned as heretic by the AI), and dependent on a diet of human minds. The protagonist, Yasira, like the author, is autistic and it enables her to grasp patterns that elude others, ultimately her Inquisitor as well. In doing so she finds a tenuous place in The Outside for herself and the love of her life, and a way of carefully balancing and joining the humans on the subverted planet with/into the pattern of The Outside, so they have meaningful agency in it. Weaving humanism into cosmicism at the hands of a ‘neuro-divergent’ protagonist like that, to me is a beautiful subversion in itself of Lovecraft (1890-1937), whose rascist nativist mind’s nihilism at the dawn of the scientific century can’t be seen separate from the stranger than fiction he wrote.

Enjoyed this. Its sequel is due to appear in 2021. Time, like space, is a lie, so it will be here soon, if it isn’t already.

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