Y woke very early this morning. She called me and woke me just as I was coming out of a dream. A dream in which I was about to pay for two glass art objects that she and her friend broke at an art fair we were visiting together (in her defense the beautiful vases were displayed at very low tables, making sweeping them off almost inevitable). One vase was 780 Euro, the other 2.150. While in my dream I was trying to open up my credit card app to check whether my Visa had enough credit left to cover for the almost 3k in damage (and the lady at the cash register complimented me for taking it all rather calmly), Y called out to me from her room. Sleep drunk I checked my self in time before entering her room to avoid blaming her for breaking vases in my dreams. Turns out she had been dreaming herself, and in the early morning light thought that a garment left on the floor was the tail of some animal from her dreams. I calmed her, and went back to bed. Luckily I didn’t return to my dream, so did not have to finish the credit card transaction 😀