@bmann there’s some issue with your feed since May 7th. No more images foremost, also titleless notes get titles based on the slug. (screenshot from my feedreader)

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  1. I hand create my feed so need to go back in and finish some upgrades from switching to IndieKit. Will be fixed up soon. Thanks for mentioning.

    Let’s see if replies work!

    • I did receive a mention, but it wasn’t correctly parsed on my end (maybe something in the mark-up?) and showed as an empty comment because of it, including an empty field for what it was replying to. Based on the IP address I saw it was from you, and guessed you had posted a reply to my earlier message, so came to your blog, and read your response there.

      • Thanks for helping troubleshoot. I sent it “manually” by entering the URL into your site here. I suspect that I do need markup on my post — that’s literally the first “reply” type and I didn’t make any special formatting other than treating it a bit like a “link” post.

        I don’t think I’ll use replies often, but we’ll see. I’m much more likely to just old school link to a post 😉

        I have a much more full featured micropub endpoint now, including media upload support, so expect more pictures!

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