Rite of passage. Daughter rode her bicycle to daycare today for the first time (at her own suggestion), while I walked behind, and guided her at the roundabout and crossings. Of course she had cycled far further already, but going to daycare on a bike seemed a different achievement to her, as it was not an outing to the park e.g. but a different way of doing a daily routine.
We chained her bicycle to the fence and went inside.


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  1. At our active transportation committee at City Hall we call these “purposeful trips,” which is a phrase I’ve always liked.

    Here on Prince Edward Island cycling and walking have long been thought of as exercise or recreation, not a method of transport in the same class as driving; making purposeful trips is the key to unlocking a different view.

  2. Good phrase, and well intuited I was struggling to find the right words. It says something I think about the mental default, which here in NL is ‘purposeful trips’ so we do have words for recreational cycling, but the daily purposeful use is just assumed within general mobility. Whereas PEI’s default is recreational cycling and thus has a word for the mobility part.

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