A pretty regular week, in which I

  • did a half day workshop with the National Archives on their next steps in open data
  • provided a rough outline for a talk on data governance next March
  • chaired a board meeting of the Open State Foundation
  • compared three bids on an open data platform for a province, and discussed it with the client
  • visited a conversation with Taiwan’s Digital Minister Audrey Tang (唐凤), organised by Netwerk Democratie en Framer Framed in Amsterdam, together with 2 colleagues
  • had our company’s monthly all hands meeting
  • did a session for the energy poverty project for a province
  • did a session reviewing the output of a ‘mini data domain days’ in which we explored in groups how / which data can help the ‘circular economics’ team track their work and goals (in this case for three defined topics: catering in the province building, the renovation works in progress, and energy usage
  • spent a lovely day with the 3yr old in town (Friday), working in the garden (Saturday) and visiting Utrecht with the three of us (Sunday)

“47% off” by Daniel Lobo, Creative Commons 0 (public domain dedication)

4 reactions on “Week Notes 19#47

  1. @ton I really like your weeknote style. I’ve seen others that are so brief and cryptic that they are difficult to read and interpret for anyone except the original author. I can’t seem to escape a long style with loads of exploration of what I thought about things, but they take way too long to write. I might try it your way.

  2. @adoran2 thanks! It can be hard to strike a balance between being clear enough while not outing clients e.g. What helps me stay away from long posts, is that my usual blog posts are often already of the exploratory / thinking out loud type

  3. @ton Yes, I know what you mean about keeping it obscure enough. I’m so busy during the week that the weeknote might sometimes be the only post, and my only chance to explore things. This year I’ve had to resort to a yearnote. Just warming up to get back into it again.

  4. @adoran2 I also do a yearnote but for a different purpose. I tend to forget the stuff I’ve done, and immediately move onwards to other things. So at the end of year I do a ‘tadaa’ post, about things that gave me a feeling of accomplishment, that make go ‘tadaa!’. I usually flick through my calendar of the previous 12 months to see what the things were I did. (I follow the example of a friend who did that)

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