Still not fully free from cold symptoms, it has been dragging on for weeks now. Costing focus, energy and general fitness. It’s visible in my work, it’s hard to do the important stuff, as there are also a myriad of smaller things needing attention, and costing much more energy than normal.

Last week I

  • Did some 2020 financial planning for the company
  • Discussed next steps for our work for a province, internally and with the client
  • Did a sprint review session on energy poverty subsidies for another province
  • Did payroll and Q3 VAT tax returns for my companies, and E’s.
  • Discussed with a junior colleague the things to bring her in on with a client, and ethics in data projects
  • Made a short questionnaire for participatory narrative inquiry related to ethical use of geodata
  • Had an board meeting with Open Nederland, the Dutch chapter for Creative Commons
  • Made a new presentation on networked agency, sharing, indieweb, Creative Commons, TechPledge, intended for the national conference of CoderDojo volunteers
  • Delivered that presentation Saturday in Breda
  • Had dear friends over for dinner, and spent an afternoon doing groceries for it with the 3 yr old

44, by Thomas Angermann, license CC BY SA