A regular week in which I

  • Attended the kick-off of a scrum team to prototype some new ideas on using open data in providing micro-subsidies and addressing energy poverty, and did another session with the scrum team to further work out first tasks and activities
  • With our intern-now-turned-employee J jumped through assorted administrative hoops to get my company registered in various procurement platforms
  • Had a MT meeting with my company, to take stock of our first 9 months this year, and decide some next steps. It took place in a somewhat hidden Chinese restaurant in The Hague, that immediately reminded me of where E and I had lunch with Boris and Roland over a decade ago in Vancouver, which was hidden behind a tiny bakery.
  • Did some preparations for the IndieWebCamp Amsterdam I am organising in 2 weeks time.
  • Wrote up more about my participation in Techfestival in Copenhagen last week, and followed up with people I met there. More still to follow.
  • Spent two days with Y, the little one, so E had more time to finish up two video projects in time. (I had taken a day of her time by being in Denmark last week, skipping my usual Friday with Y)
  • With E made a live video appearance in Lane Becker’s birthday conference, which took place in Austin, Texas Saturday, which was fun to do.

37, by Seth Dickens, license CC BY SA