Happy Bloggiversary Oliver! A decade is a long time and much has changed, as you say, even if other things stay the same. A few months before you started blogging when you were 8, we visited your home, in August 2008, where you ran out to greet us in Dutch saying ‘hoi!’. We had a fun dinner with you, your parents and Rob and Robin. You and your parents made us feel right at home, half way around the world. Since then you have visited us twice. Once in 2014 in Enschede. The second time was last August here in Amersfoort, a decade after we first met, when you gave a presentation at our unconference for Elmine’s birthday.

I look forward to your next ten years of blogging, Oliver. Where might the next decade take us?

Oliver coming out saying 'hoi' to us
You came out to greet us when we visited PEI

Robin, Oliver, Catherine Peter, Oliver and Rob
You, with Robin and your mother, and with Rob and your father, when we first met in 2008

Replied to 10 years of Blogging | o.ruk.ca

I can’t believe it’s 10 years since I started My Blog. A lot of things have changed with my blog and with myself.