The rationale
I’m turning 40 next spring. When Elmine turned 30 last year we organized not only a fun bbq party, but also a workshop-styled conference day. We explored the ‘work-life balanceissues, changes and questions our networked lives bring with some 20-odd people, joined by another 40 or so for the BBQ. Friends, clients, family, colleagues, attended alike. It was a great way to celebrate Elmine’s birthday, and we both absolutely loved it. It deepened relationships, and it deepened our learning (see video). Which brings me to my next, 40th, birthday in May 2010. I’d like to organize a similar conference/bbq party combination, with more people if possible. So we’re starting early with announcing and planning, and asking for your input.

The general plan
Having a one-day conference in Enschede, Netherlands, on Friday, May 14th 2010.
Having a big bbq garden party at our home on Saturday, May 15th.

Elmine’s birthday conference 2008 (photo left by Elmine)

Our questions, or, where you can influence the plan
Do you think this is a good idea in general?
What would be good themes to address, themes that are worthwile to look at with a diverse and networked crowd in a 1 day time frame?
Who would you like to see speak? Would you like to see people speak?
Would you be willing to attend? And mark your calendars with this ‘early warning’ post?

Ever done actual work on a birthday party? 😉

You can leave your remarks, answers and/or suggestions either here in the comments or on the BirthdayConference wiki-page (login possible, not needed).
It would be great if we could welcome a lot of you again to our home town next spring!

All age groups welcome for some serious bbq-ing! (both photos by Elmine)

4 reactions on “What Should My 40th Birthday (Un)Conference Be Like?

  1. Sounds good this un-birthday of a kind, yet I must say that I’ve already done a lot of work on my past birthdays, especially handling BBQ stuff.
    So this un-conference attracts me all the more …

  2. Ton,
    Sounds like a great idea to me and a great opportunity for me to visit Holland again paid for by the business… 😉
    Keep me posted.

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