At the end of November I will be going to the EU Ministerial Conference on e-government in Malmo. This is an invitation-only event that is held in parallel with the EU Ministerial Meeting adopting the EU e-gov strategy for the coming years.
The formal conference stretches over 2 days with both plenary and parallel sessions on topics ranging from government 2.0 to procurement and digital id’s and signatures.

In the past months David Osimo has taken the lead in generating a bottom-up declaration on the strategic choices for the EU concerning e-government, to make sure we as web-savvy individual citizens make our voice heard, and not just the industry. (See my recent posting for more details on this declaration, or go sign it). This ‘open declaration’ will be presented at the conference, which is a very good result that David achieved. It is also the reason I got invited to the conference.
Next to the conference there’s an alternative event taking place, for those that did not get invited. This promises to be more varied and fun than the rather dry programme the EU ministerial eGov conference offers.
I intend to mix and match elements from both the formal conference as well as the fringe events. Elmine and I plan on staying in Copenhagen, across the bridge from Malmo, and add some meet-ups with local friends there to the mix.