Copenhagen Summer 2003Next weekend I will pay a short visit to Copenhagen. Elmine is coaching a youth fencing team at a tournament there, and I will tag along for the ride. A good opportunity to catch up with a few people in Copenhagen.

It will be different to visit the city without going there for Reboot (which will be in June again, and which Elmine and I will be certain to attend). We visited Copenhagen in 2003 for our summer vacation, and enjoyed the yearly Jazz Festival there. After that Copenhagen and Reboot have been synonymous for me. But not this week.

If I haven’t been in touch with you through e-mail, but you would like to catch up on Saturday 29th or Sunday 30th in Copenhagen, let me know.

(The picture was taken in 2003, in the city center.)

One reaction on “Short Visit To Copenhagen

  1. Hey Ton, have a great time 🙂 I’m looking forward to our danish friends moving back from Luxemburg to D again. That will bring back nice opportunities for summer vacations 😉
    BTW: I haven’t read anything yet about reboot 10?! Anything you can share as an update?

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