Ralf BeukerToday I took the train to Münster, the nearest city from Enschede in Germany. I went to meet Ralf Beuker. We ‘met’ in the comment section of Niti Bhan’s blog and then found out we lived in the same area.
Over lattes and bagels we talked for almost 4 hours. About our backgrounds, growing up in a border region, corporate blogging, information strategies, the relationship between knowledge work, social software and design, design management, working from home, the state of the German and Dutch (corporate) blogging landscape, BlogWalk and mutual blogging friends. Ralf has been working for several Dutch institutions of higher learning, a world I am increasingly in touch with as well.
Ralf works at the crossroads of design and (strategic) management, and writes a blog well worth reading.
Looking forward to continue the conversation.

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  1. @Niti, well here in the Netherlands the world certainly does look flat 🙂
    @Gerrit, good news. Freue mich schon auf eine Begegnung. Schick mir mal ‘ne E-mail wenn du soweit bist 🙂 Eine neue URL sehe ich, was ist denn mit eWerx?

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