Even if I’m not sure whether or not I’ve already recovered fully from the meeting in Nuremberg last week, it is already time to announce the next BlogWalk!

  • Date and place: July 4th , Krems (near Vienna), Austria
  • Focus: weblog networking, weblog networks, joint action through weblog networks
    ……..* weblog networks: how they develop, evolve and are sustained
    ……..* how weblog networks are different from other networks
    ……..* what does it take to spark actions from weblog networks

  • Location: Danube University in Krems (near Vienna)
    BlogWalk 3.0 will take place the day before BlogTalk 2.0, the conference organised by Thomas Burg and his team at the Center for New Media at Danube University. This is no coincidence.
    Blogwalk events are by invitation only. Invitations are sent to those in our collective networks we (Lilia, Sebastian and myself) think might contribute, and those who express their wish and ability to contribute to the conversations. The number of people that can attend is limited (around 25 this time), as we keep a small-scale profile for this. If you want to receive an invitation, please feel free to contact Ton Zijlstra (me). I look forward to it.

    (The BlogWalk location)