It’s a pleasure to announce the first BlogWalk meeting in what hopefully becomes a travelling series through Europe, bringing researchers and practitioners together for in-depth conversations. First stop: March 19th in Enschede, Netherlands. The topic of discussion will be weblogs in knowledge management contexts.
The second edition will take place in Nürnberg Germany later this year.

The intention is to complement BlogTalk with smaller scale opportunities to meet and to talk. The idea was in the air for a few months already, but we couldn’t start working on it. Then one late evening Sebastian Fiedler came up with this great name and it went rolling. Walk means that we will be “walking” around places and have fun there. It also means that meetings will include walking in and out of pubs and nice places to eat because everyone knows that sharing drinks and good food fuel conversations. Note: this fun side is about complementing hard reflective work together and not replacing it. 🙂

Together with Lilia Efimova I look forward to welcoming an interesting group of bloggers to my home town.