Tonight, while discussing the topics my parnter might include in her masterthesis, I came up with this metaphor:
The difference between a website and a weblog is like the difference between a photo and film. Yes it’s both pictures, but the richness of the message conveyed is much bigger in the latter.
It’s the elapsing of time, grasped in the weblog, where in the more static website formats at best a number of stills is produced. It wouldn’t surprise me if this metaphor has been formulated as well elsewhere, though.

4 reactions on “The Difference Between a Website and a Weblog

  1. filmen, f’l�t bloggen, om mig

    En hemsida �r som stillbilder, bloggen som film. Det som skiljer dem �t �r tiden, vilken b�de bloggen och filmen, till skillnad fr�n hemsidan och fotografiet, klarar av att illustrera. Det menar iallafall Ton. Intressant metafor!

  2. A website has weblogs; a weblog cannot exist without a website.
    It’s a holarchy, as opposed to a hierarchy – which fits your metaphor. A Holarchy (Arthur Koestler used it first) is a combination between the Greek word ‘holos’ meaning whole and the word ‘hierarchy’. In essence, the higher something is in the holarchy, the more it encapsulates below it.
    It fits your metaphor since traditional film is a collection of pictures, which when used properly, allows for motion. This leads into molar vs. molecular through dynamic and static content, but I don’t know if you want to explore that train of thought.

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