Hi there, In recent weeks I have come across several
blogs with professional aims. Now I’m trying my hand at blogging myself. This
even though I don’t really know if this is added value for me or not. During the
last couple of days I discussed blogs with David
, Lilia Efimova
and Sebastien
, who all have their own blogs. I asked them why they blog, and what
it brings them. It turns out I have been blogging for years myself. Just not on
the web! In a
post to knowledgeboard.com
I describe how I’ve kept a diary for most of my
life, have been taking notes during conversations and meetings for 14 years, and
have been jotting down notes, phrases and singular thoughts. Now I will try and
do the same on-line My blog will focus mainly on Knowledge Management (KM), but
don’t feel surprised if other stuff comes up as well. I have named my blog
inTERdependent thoughts. Untill now my notetaking was purely a personal
endeavour, to which others were not privy. These were independent thoughts. By
publishing them here I entwine them with thoughts of others, and they thus
become interdependent. The “ter” in italic marks the transition. The first
interdependent thought in action is this blog. Thanks to the exchange with David
and Lilia it has come into existence. Who am I? Well, for starters have a look
at my
profile over on KnowledgeBoard.com
. Or simply take a look a the picture
below, and wait for whatever will be published here in the future to form your
own opinion.