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We will have some 40 participants for the Unconference (and up to 80 for the BBQ). If the number of unconference participants grows too big, we may opt for a venue other than our home.
This is a growing list of confirmed participants for the MidSummer Unconference “Make Stuff that Matters”:

  1. Martin Röll (Germany, Finland)
  2. Siert Wijnia (Netherlands)
  3. Martijn van der Veen (Netherlands)
  4. Gerrit Kaper (Netherlands)
  5. Yuri Engelhardt (Netherlands, Costa Rica)
  6. Ernst Phaff (Netherlands)
  7. Ronald Scheer (Netherlands)
  8. Maarten Steen (Netherlands)
  9. Brigitte van Dulmen (Switzerland)
  10. Gabriela Avram (Ireland)
  11. Ray O’Brien (Ireland)
  12. Keith Andrews (Austria)
  13. Klaas Veenbaas (Netherlands)
  14. Amarens Schuurmans (Netherlands)
  15. Paolo Valdemarin (Italy)
  16. Monica Loredan (Italy)
  17. Patrick Willemsen (Switzerland)
  18. Susanne Schilderman (Netherlands)
  19. Frank Verschoor (Netherlands)
  20. Maarten Schenk (Belgium)
  21. Pim Boers (Netherlands)
  22. Hanne van Essen (Netherlands)
  23. Noël van Herreweghe (Belgium)
  24. Wivine van Herreweghe (Belgium)
  25. Willy Bakker-Tadema (Netherlands)
  26. Gerrit Eicker (Germany)
  27. Dirk van Vreeswijk (Netherlands)
  28. Jeroen de Boer (Netherlands, team Frysklab)
  29. Marieke Wichern (Netherlands)
  30. Christian Kreutz (Mexico, Germany)
  31. Marc Schoneveld (Netherlands)
  32. Kasper de Rooij (Netherlands)
  33. Pauline Schomaker (Netherlands)
  34. Xavier Lopez (Spain, Germany)
  35. Simone Bleidt (Germany)
  36. Pedro Custodio (Portugal, Germany)
  37. Harold van Garderen (Netherlands)
  38. Magdalena Boettger (Germany)
  39. Lilia Efimova (Netherlands)
  40. Robert Slagter (Netherlands)
  41. Harmen Wijnia (Netherlands)
  42. Roger Lacuna (Netherlands)
  43. Catherine Miller (Canada)
  44. Peter Rukavina (Canada)
  45. Oliver Rukavina (Canada)
  46. Marleen Andela (Netherlands, team Frysklab)
  47. Aan Kootstra (Netherlands, team Frysklab)
  48. Jappie Wiersma (Netherlands, team Frysklab)
  49. Elmine Wijnia (host, Netherlands)
  50. Ton Zijlstra (host, Netherlands)

(also see the Facebook Group)

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    • Thanks Nancy! We will have our great imaginary friends in our thoughts as we prepare for the event as well. Still fondly remembering partying in your garden in Seattle six years ago, and always amazed by how the networks we weave touch our lives.

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