This page provides basic information for event organisers who want to invite me to speak at their event.

Keynotes, workshops, facilitation

I’m an experienced presenter and group facilitator. Over the years I have given many keynote talks, presentations and fully participatory workshops in Europe, North America, Central and South East Asia. I’m comfortable in front of small audiences, and in front of several thousands. See TalksandVideos for an overview of the last few years.

Topics, grounded in my own experience

Topics I enjoy presenting on include data governance, open government, open data, networked agency, digital disruption, digital transformation, ethics by design, and digital making. I usually combine material from my own professional practical experience with insights and sensemaking on a higher and broader level of understanding.

Stories tailored to you, in three languages

All my presentations are tailored to the audience and event I’m invited to. Although material and observations may be re-used regularly, and key messages are always consistent, the story arc is always specific to the occasion. I am fluent in English, German and Dutch. I’m also comfortable working with simultaneous translators.

Full attention for your event

I always take an active stance at the conferences I contribute to, out of curiosity in the audience’s experience and their questions, passions and going concerns. By engaging in conversations with event participants and being approachable, by being active on the social media back channels of your event, and by being available for press or sponsor meetings. In short I am as much a participant as anybody else attending the event. It also means I normally try to take part in the entire event, and whenever possible avoid attending for just my slot on the program.

I’m an event organiser myself

As an invited speaker I will aim to avoid causing you hassle, and will take my responsibilities to your event serious.
Over the years I have organised many events myself. International conferences in different countries, a multi-year long series of international workshops across 3 continents, community and fringe events in parallel to global conferences, all varieties of workshops, and with my wife I repeatedly organise international indie-conferences for our birthday party. I’ve organised events with large budgets and with no budget at all. In short, I get it.

Rights, slides, videos

I retain all rights to my presentations and will publish them myself online with a Creative Commons BY-(NC)-SA license. You are welcome to publish and distribute my slides within those license conditions. You are always allowed to record and/or stream my presentation.


Please approach me as early before your event as possible (generally at least 2 months in advance is excellent, less than 3 weeks in advance likely means I’m not available). It would be great if you can send an e-mail first that explains how you would like me to contribute to making your event great, and providing links to general information, program ,and / or history of the event. Let’s talk to eachother in person after that first e-mail, to explore how we can work together. This also allows your team and me to make my presentation fit your event and audience.

Should I not be available on the date of your event, I will try to suggest other speakers to you.

Speaking fees, travel costs

As a self-employed professional I charge fees for speaking. The costs of international travel and lodging are not covered by the speaking fee and should always be covered in addition. My speaking fee is 3150,- Euro excluding VAT if applicable, for a keynote of up to 45 minutes or a panel or working session up to 90 minutes. It can be higher, based on mutual agreement, if the requested contribution is larger or requires more preparation than usual. It can be lower as well.

My speaking fee will be lowered for low income countries (to 1900 Euro) and middle income countries (to 2500 Euro).

If you organise a free event or a non-commercial event, the fee may become negotiable or may be waived (but not international travel costs). Over the last 15 years I have contributed to many free conferences, unconferences and BarCamps for free, because the theme, the audience or my own learning agenda was a good fit. If you would like me to waive my speaking fee, please provide reasons why I might do so in your first e-mail (saying it will be great exposure for me is not a valid reason), and let’s discuss. In other words: don’t be discouraged to approach me.

Logistics, practicalities

I will expect to be able to use my own laptop to present (because of speaking notes and monitor functionality), and will bring the needed adapters.

Usually I will finalise my slides at and during your event (unless I’m the opening speaker), and adjust some of the messages, wording and examples based on hearing participants and other speakers, and the general atmosphere of your event. This means that other than a basic outline I will not be likely to provide my slides before your event. When working with (simultaneous) translators, I will try to provide speaking notes or an outline upfront for the translators.

Bio, photos

Please find shorter and longer descriptions in English, German and Dutch, as well as photos for you to use on the page BiosandPics. I may propose to change the bio to emphasise aspects more relevant to your event.