It’s nice when things can be frictionless, in this case thanks to Github and Respec.
For a client I’m keeping track of the coming EU legal framework on digitisation and data, and I do that within my markdown note taking system (using as viewer on text files on my computer). With the client we are doing outreach to a wide range of government data holders, and for that purpose we’ve launched a public site with current factual information about the EU legal framework for them to re-use.
The site is hosted on Github, and we’re using Respec to incorporate markdown files as source for the web pages.

This way maintaining the site is a breeze: I am doing my regular work, keeping notes in my own preferred environment. The folder which has my notes on the EU framework is synced with a github repository and the Respec script uses it for the site. Whenever I change something in my notes in the regular flow of work, I don’t have to also think about changing the site, that will happen when it gets pushed to Github. ‘Living’ documentation is something I regularly aim for within client projects, and the current set-up for this client makes it very easy.

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