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On #2022/11/12 I have created a VPS running Debian 11. It is a CX41 from, and I installed Yunohost on it using this description.

Yunohost then provides a GUI to maintain the VPS. It also does the diagnosis and provides the infromation to fix issues. The first experiences are encouraging.
From 2014 I’ve used a VPS for a few years, but it became too much of a chore, and in the end I shut down the entire VPS, because it became unmanageable. I stil haven’t fully deleted it, but I should.

Yunohost also supports the installation of all kinds of applications (like softaculous on cpanel for hosting environments), which makes things easier.

It’s an experimental space first and foremost.
I moved my (and E’s) Mastodon instance over to it (and save on the monthly fee I paid for before, folding it into this one). I’m also interested to see if using e.g. Bookwyrm and Pixelfed over it brings use value. These are all AP based applications. Or it can be a testing ground for other projects, e.g. Linqurator.
I have installed Fresh RSS read on it, and a personal NextCloud instance on it, both for my own use as well as for experimenting with apps in Nextcloud, before running them in my business’ Nextcloud.

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  1. @ton @jorge I have been testing Yunohost for a while. It is getting better over time, but a lot of applications still don’t let you login automatically as a Yunohost user. That would be my primary requirement to consider running Yunohost in production.

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