Now that we’ve visited the N├╝rnberg IndieWeb Camp this weekend, Frank Meeuwsen and I are thinking about doing an IndieWeb Camp in the Netherlands sometime next spring. Likely in Utrecht, although if we find a good event to piggyback on elsewhere, it can be someplace else.

If you want to get involved with organising this, do ping me.

The 6th floor of Utrecht City Hall is publicly accessible and set up as a co-working space. Lots of different tables and corners for small groups to meet and work. And good coffee. Very good use of a public building, and right next to the central station. Working here today with 3 colleagues from across the country on a project for the Province of South-Holland, unrelated to Utrecht city.

City Grime Busters at work. When you have a white building, you have to clean not just the windows but the walls too.

(City Hall, Utrecht)