Part 5 of 6. Protagonists Lee and Nemo work from Mars with no legal way to return to earth. They also don’t quite fit in. The discovered life extension elixir means that the stranded pilots may return to active status despite already having too much cosmic radiation absorbed. Someone starts a rebellion against Lee and Nemo, yet can’t be IDd. An always on vr conscience is introduced but is a paranoid bully.

Part 4 of 6. En route from the moon to Mars three storylines play out, one on Earth with a mysterious rogue statelet on the Isle of Man, one on board the transport to Mars and one on the rogue shuttle with a team of ‘exodenizens’ (virtual characters downloaded into autonomous stillsuits) on board who don’t realise they’re outside their simulation.

Came across it browsing the site of Fantask, my fav SF bookstore in Copenhagen, then ordered the ebook. Older novel, from 2012, 575 pages. Three centuries from now the earth is still reeling from climate collapse but has in the mean time actively spread out through the solar system. Politics and trade between the various planets and bodies in the solar system, and a group of quantum computer based AIs in humanoid shape are bent towards a dangerous interpretation of a human service demand made of them. Some of the notions in this book, such as rewilding return in The Ministry for the Future that was published 8yrs on.