I read the first book Children of Time, in which spiders inherit the earth, or rather a terraformed planet, late last year. This is the second episode, Children of Ruin, this time with very emotional octopuses (yet with rational tentacles) and with alien self-aware slime mould. We’re going to have an adventure, the mould makes the last remaining humans say.

The weird thing was I kept thinking I read it before, although it was first published last May. Maybe there were a few sample chapters appended to the first part.

I met Mark Belfry earlier this year on Prince Edward Island, where he gave me his card which mentioned his book The Suncaster.
Enjoyed The Suncaster a lot. I think it is good, believable, and enjoyable SF, relatively near future (about 100 years)
The second book, The Somewhere Sun, next to pushing the story forward, is a bit more spiritual yet a spirituality based in quantum physics. Nice juxtaposition of vicious and virtuous cycles.
Looking forward a lot to book 3, unsure though if and when that will appear.

Over on the Facebook group ‘conversation’ run by John Kellden, the topic the past days was to ‘tell a science fiction story, in six words only.’ It’s always fun to try and these type of things. And well over 200 comments followed.

These are the ones I contributed:

The Blue Planet was easily taken.

Mutated gut microbes chose world domination.

First contact went to voice mail.

Earth counteracted spin. Tonight western sunrise.