Bookmarked Twitter Has Stopped Working in NetNewsWire (by NetNewsWire)

By the end of the month the free tier of the Twitter API will disappear. Some apps using the API will stop doing so because of too high costs to continue, such as Others are being kicked out by Twitter itself even before the deadline at the end of April, such as Netnewswire. These steps have one thing in common: they disable the ability of reading Twitter without using Twitter directly. Tightening the walls of the silo, in short. The Web is much better off with at least semi-permeable boundaries between services, so that one can interact and read from their own preferred perch. That of course clashes with various business models, although at this point I’m not sure Twitter knows what its businessmodel is supposed to be.

Twitter suspended NetNewsWire today. …. Twitter has stopped working a little sooner than expected. We’ll have updates to NetNewsWire soon that stop trying to connect to Twitter