Liked Using FreshRSS to “Like” blog posts via Webmention – on WordPress by Rosie Le Faive

Continuing Peter’s work on hooking up FreshRSS with Drupal to “like” posts, I wanted to do the same on my WordPress site. Knowing nothing about FreshRSS nor WordPress, and unable to peer into the FreshRSS database (the .sqlite file is encrypted?), I went the route (lol) less travelled by, and …

I like that Peter likes to ‘like’ things he likes, and therefore built his own scripted process to like likeable things from his RSS reader. If we all like to like this way, then the world will be likes all the way down.

Liked Using FreshRSS to “Like” blog posts via Webmention by

This is a post about gluing some things together, and about the IndieWeb. It started, however, with a photo of a child on a bicycle.
I liked that photo, and I wanted to express that somehow in a public fashion.
I didn’t want to leave a comment on that blog post, as my aspirations were simply to ex…