Liked Online Course Philosophy and Ethics of Human-Technology Relations and Design (Peter-Paul Verbeek)
A new edition of our online course ‘Philosophy of Technology and Design’ will start May 4 2020. A crash course in the philosophy and ethics of human-technology relations and design in three weeks, four hours per week,....

Treating myself to this as a refresher, and to help me get back into reading more deeply around these subjects. Have a whole stack of stuff lined up, but need a bit of push to start reading more earnestly.

Had fun facilitating a workshop today exploring ethical data use around the Amsterdam Ajax Arena, for crowd control, safety and security around events as well as embedding the several large scale venues on that location better into their urban surroundings. An interesting mix of various threat models and responses in combination with creating a lively urban center where the quality of living is high for all involved. ‘Digital perimeters’ were at the center of discussion. Within various perimeters ever closer to the venue tighter security profiles might apply, meaning different types of data collection and use.

The workshop took place right in the middle of the case under discussion, the Arena board room itself, with a view of the pitch. We’re facilitating a range of these workshops, focusing on ethical collection and use of location related data. The Arena was one of two cases discussed today. The other case concerned responsible use of mobility tracking data supplied by volunteers.