Some raspberries, strawberries and cherry tomatoes from our balcony. Raspberries were small but really sweet and tasty.


Had my first homegrown radish this morning. Nice sharp taste, great to liven up a salad.


Blueberries starting to color.


We have a little rooftop terrace and I am using it to try to grow berries and other things with the little one. The roof terrace has two advantages over the garden: it catches more sunlight, and the cats don’t go up there.

The plants have taken well it seems, are blooming, and even providing some harvest already.


20190617_193401 20190617_193410
tomatoes and red pepper

20190617_193330 20190617_193336
blossoming blackberries and red currants

20190617_193352 20190617_193344
blueberries underway, and first raspberries

20190617_193441cucumbers coming up

For several weeks a pair of pigeons showed up every morning and evening looking for food in our garden. First they’d sit next to each other on the high fence, then one of them would come down first shortly after followed by the other. We’d watch them each day during breakfast.

This week however only one of them shows up every day. The other is no longer there. Did they split up? Did something happen to the other? Makes you wonder what it sounds like when doves cry.