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.... blogging is like any other human activity — some people stop and other people start. It’s natural......nobody ever said your favorite bloggers would continue forever. It’s okay to miss your old favorites! I miss mine. But here are a few examples of current blogs that I like that you might like

Do you publish a list somewhere of what you are currently reading through RSS, Brent? Like others, I’ve started publishing my list of RSS feeds as a pathway for discovery.

Hey Brad, discovery is why I started publishing the feeds I read as opml for others to explore, and some I read do so too. In 2005 I used to have photos of blog authors I read. Do you publish your feed list somewhere? Tom Critchlow also shows all the content of the feeds he follows on his site. Works well as a discovery mechanism too I found. Maybe I’ll start doing that as well from my TinyTinyRSS instance I installed earlier this week.