A fun, beautiful and moving novel that I enjoyed mostly in one sitting.
Starting in the nineties, that time when computers and digitisation were common enough to be open to many smart newcomers but still rare enough and simple enough to quickly get a grasp of the field, it stretches to present day. This allows a reflection from our current cultural perspectives.
Myself I was a few years earlier than this book is set (the book is set in second half of the nineties, with me gaining internet access in 1989 at university, and playing the games that got released in the first half of the nineties), but enough overlap. The protagonists are gamers and game builders. The fictional games described are believable enough to feel you may have seen them at the time or wish to play them. Gaming, early internet era, depression, grief, the topics are very relatable to me and carry enough echoes for me from that same era to strongly resonate with.