This week two proposals were (near) unanimously passed by parliament, instructing the government to create two laws:

To strictly seperate cable networks and services
To open up networks to all service providers

These proposals had been debated in parliament already a year ago, but were brought to the vote only now, after negotiations between the government and cable companies yielded nothing useful.

Essentially this is the net neutrality that is so hotly debated in the US at this point.
By proposing legislation that seperates activities providing networks and those providing services, and opening up the networks to all services, the network owner then cannot influence the type of content it transports, it merely knows it is transporting data.

Important proposals in my eyes, and also important is the amount of support it got from both government and opposition parties. Minister Wijn of Economic Affairs indicated that there might be problems in getting these proposals passed unchallenged by the EU. But he also said that he was behind this ‘with whole his heart’.

Kudos to MPs Van Dam (PvdA) and Hessels (CDA) for proposing it and building the near unanimous parliamentary support.