On my way to Amsterdam for day two of IndieWebCamp, that I’m co-hosting with Frank. Today’s focus will be on doing, based on the conversations and ideas we had yesterday. I’ve published a few pics on Flickr.

The IndieWebCamp Amsterdam bunch at lunch

I have three ideas I might work on

  • Writing some Dutch language intro’s and explainers about IndieWeb, following up on the session about making it easier for people to engage with IndieWeb options
  • Figuring out how to flip the presentation of a quote/snippet and my remarks in my RSS feed (in a posting it is [my remarks] [snippet I’m discussing], in the feed it is [snippet] [my remarks]. This makes my content disappear from e.g. Micro.blog that presents my feed
  • Enable Webmention and Brid.gy on my company’s website, so we can directly tweet from posting something on the site, as well as receive interaction back to the site.

The first is I think the most important. The second is about figuring out how WordPress creates my RSS feed, and which plugins influence it. Likely takes a lot of time and frustration outside the scope of a day. The third seems the easiest, given my experience doing the same on other WordPress installs. So I’ll start with the first, and use the third as fall back plan.

Spent a fun day with Elmine today, visiting the Van Gogh museum for the very beautiful exhibition “Hockney and Van Gogh, the joy of nature“. The last time we saw a large exhibit of Hockney’s work was in 2011 in the Louisiana museum, of his iPad drawings. This time his work on landscapes was juxtaposed with van Gogh.

Especially the enormous works were great to see. So big you feel you can step in to that world of splendid colors. The juxtaposition of Kreupelhout 1889 and Under the Trees, Bigger 2010-11 especially was great to see.

Kreupelhout on the right, Under the Trees on the left

And then there was the amazing The Arrival of Spring in Waldgate in 2011. Too big to grasp here (365 by 975 cm).

Below another series of massive panels, made across the seasons on the same spot. All painted in situ!