An evening where an exhibit is opened in Kortrijk, Belgium, brings together the life and stories of 6 people. They all remember it differently, incompletely. A well done story, entertaining. Just like her second novel, Luister. Though having read them both in short succession makes the template/pattern used for both stand out pretty strongly. So a next book I should only read with enough time passed between this and the other one. Dutch book, not available in English translation I think.

A well done story, very entertaining. Starting in the 1980s a student fleeing their art academy after traumatic events ends up in Paris as au pair as the Berlin wall falls and many attacks take place in Paris. A former teacher of that student is in Paris in 2015 during the attacks. The parallel and the connection between the two is the framework for weaving the story. Dutch book, not available in English translation I think. Gave it as a present to my sister and a friend afterwards. Picked it up in a book store in Groningen, Godert Walter, when E and I were spending a weekend in that city.