An entire ‘accidental garden’ has sprung up underneath my raspberry plant on the roof terrace, with mosses in intriguing shapes and forms.

image by Ton Zijlstra, license CC-BY-SA

painting framed

The painting on the left I gave myself as a present at the end of December. The title is City Lights, and I like the explosion of color, and patterning in rectangles and triangles. It’s made by Hungarian artist Pető Csenge, and I bought it from her directly. It was unframed and to get it framed I had to wait for the framer to be open again after the lifting of some of the lock down measures. A little over a week ago I went and selected a dark blue frame, and picked the framed painting up last Saturday. It now hangs on my home office wall, and I like the result, also in combination with the photo next to it, that echoes the color scheme and division in different squares.

Sperwer met prooi

A surprise as I looked out of the kitchen window: a sparrowhawk with its prey. Haven’t seen one of those before here in town, in the 4 years we’ve lived here.