I’ve spotted several locations in our neighbourhood where wild hops grow. This one is along the cycling path where Y and I cycle to school. In the mornings last week when the sun was out, it shone directly on a hops plant around the time we pass it. I still need to stop on the way back and smell them. Never have seen them here in the north before, I have encountered them in the hills of Limburg in the south though.

We cycled to school yesterday morning, in between rain showers.
At school Y and I watched the rainbow for a while. A double arch and supernumerary bands inside the primary arch were also visible. It of course did mean, that while Y went inside and stayed dry, I got showered on the way back. Rainbows are light reflected in water droplets after all, and I had to cycle in that direction to return home.

France is a highly centralised country. That also shows in the road signs. Along the motorways you seem to be able to head towards Paris at every junction. E and I often joke about it when en route in France. It turns out to be true off the motorways too. We camped in Gigny-sur-Saône, a vilage of 500 people on the eastern edge of the Bourgogne. We weren’t in the village proper even, but in a hamlet near it. Right outside the campground there was an aging road sign. Pointing to Paris obviously (400km away). And to Lyon (125km). Both pointers aren’t of any practical navigational use for the many narrow countryroads in the region. Every time I spotted the sign when leaving the campground I had to smile.

Was in Rotterdam yesterday evening for a meeting at the Het Nieuwe Instituut (NI, ‘The New Institute’), the Netherlands’ national museum for architecture, design and digital culture which ao houses the National Collection for Dutch Architecture and Urban Planning. Set in Rotterdams Museumpark, surrounded by the Rotterdam University for Applied Sciences and the Erasmus University Hospital, it is a location with many nice architectural sight lines. Some only appear later in the day, after sunset, such as the lighting of the gallery running alongside the NI. Earlier on people were practicing dances there. When I walked back to the railway station it was mostly empty, allowing this shot.