We have a little rooftop terrace and I am using it to try to grow berries and other things with the little one. The roof terrace has two advantages over the garden: it catches more sunlight, and the cats don’t go up there.

The plants have taken well it seems, are blooming, and even providing some harvest already.


20190617_193401 20190617_193410
tomatoes and red pepper

20190617_193330 20190617_193336
blossoming blackberries and red currants

20190617_193352 20190617_193344
blueberries underway, and first raspberries

20190617_193441cucumbers coming up

Van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag, Frank! Toen ik je posting las vroeg ik me eerst wel af wat ik aan het lezen was “Wat is dit? Een AI-gegenereerde tekst?” Na het lezen van het laatste stukje werd de rest ook ineens begrijpelijker. Nu je 4.6 release het ondersteunt stuur ik je app geen kaartje of bericht, maar schrijf ik je felicitatie gewoon hier op mijn eigen site. Voelt dat hetzelfde?

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Vandaag vieren we een nieuwe versie-release! Na een jaar hard werken mogen we met het complete ontwikkelteam trots zijn op de stappen die we hebben gezet. Vorig jaar rond deze tijd merkten we dat er nog wat incompatibiliteits issues waren, sowieso draaide de software in een andere hardware omgeving …

No it’s definitely not bad form to mention multiple things at the same time. And even if, all would be forgiven as you provide me with the honorific ‘blogfather’ đŸ˜€

From your post the quote below I very much recognise. Not just because that web of connections is fun, also because I know it is important in dealing with a complex world. Yet as you say, others will get lost in trying to get your message.

Keep it concise. I’m gonna struggle with this one because I really like the giant web of connections that my brain makes around any topic.

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Ton, is it bad form to webmention multiple of your blog posts in this one? Is that like spamming?

And then the unconference Crafting {:} a Life had ended, and you have to come back to the regular flow of things. Dealing with the aftermath so to speak. Sunday, still on PEI, we spent mostly hanging out on the deck in Peter and Catherine’s back yard. Then we joined some lobsters on the flight to MontrĂ©al.


Monday we had a day to explore Montréal, before our early evening flight to Amsterdam. Now fighting jet lag on the couch, and trying to figure out how to take time this week to reflect and write more on the event.


Montreal Montreal
Impressions of Montréal

20190610_201524Sunset over Labrador

It is good to see that the event is already causing ripples that move forwards in time. Rosie started a blog with support for IndieWeb standards, and Clark thinks he may permanently reshape his approach to workshops and presentations. I’ve also got a conference call planned with Mark on organising an unconference around the creative hub / makerspace project he is shaping.

And that is the real way participants can thank Peter for organising Crafting {:} a Life, and how ‘our’ participants, such as Peter did these past days, have thanked and are thanking us for our events: by taking something out of it and run with it. Bring it forward. Not an aftermath therefore, but unconference forwarding.