Of course the CTs around Arjen Kamphuis missing continue, here’s an example within hours of Norwegian police coming out with their statement.

Not linking to it, and removed the info about the Twitter account. No use in spreading it, other than holding it up as an example.

Making an unconscious assumption (in this case the assumption that the time of announcing new info is the time that information was gained or determined accurate), and then jumping to conclusions based on that assumption.

Ethan Zuckerman is leaving MIT’s MediaLab as he finds out more about ties between it and Epstein. As he says, being able to step away is in part privilege. But I think it is good that such privilege is used to send a message, and is itself part of that message. Looking forward to also reading Joi Ito‘s thoughts about this.

[UPDATE Joi Ito’s response is here]

Read On me, and the Media Lab (Medium)

A week ago last Friday, I spoke to Joi Ito …[who] told me that the Media Lab’s ties to Epstein went much deeper, and included a business relationship between Joi and Epstein, investments in companies Joi’s VC fund was supporting, gifts and visits by Epstein to the Media Lab and by Joi to Epstein’s properties. As the scale of Joi’s involvement with Epstein became clear to me, I began to understand that I had to end my relationship with the MIT Media Lab.

Owen Jones makes a key point. The arsonists walk among us, and the smell of accelerants is unmistakable whenever you open a newspaper or watch the news.

Read Far-right violence is on the rise. Where is the outrage? | Owen Jones (the Guardian)

When we discuss Islamist fundamentalist terrorists, we ask: who are the hate preachers radicalising them in mosques or the internet? We have yet to engage seriously in a similar debate about far-right terrorism for a simple reason: the hate preachers are mainstream politicians, commentators and media outlets.