A gift from my colleagues. ‘Tegeltjeswijsheid’ means ’tile-wisdom’ or the often somewhat cliché phrases that are printed on tiles as an old fashioned type of decoration. We moved into new offices this January (in the same building), and since then everyone of us is getting their own tile with some characteristic phrase etc. about them. […]

A pretty ok week given the circumstances, in which I mostly aimed for rest after admitting to myself and others I feel burned out. That admission itself created mental space that lasted me through the week, aided by the fact that Thursday was a national holiday meaning nobody was in my inbox really after Wednesday. […]

My mood and focus did not improve this week, and I know something needs to be done. Things came to a head , and E and I concluded that I have many symptoms of burn-out. This week Y had free from school so it was a mixture of some work, doing things together and reflecting […]

I feel in need of a break, but not much like that is forthcoming. We looked at going away for a bit, but anything pleasant is unavailable as we’re not the only ones looking for a place to enjoy spring. Yet, I feel stuck and in a funk still. This week I Met payroll Had […]