Another week overly filled with appointments, and that didn’t work very well for me in my current mindset. I did succeed in finding a little bit of mindspace, and also took the meetings themselves easier than I had thought. Still, I’m glad the next two weeks will be mostly downtime. School holidays have started this […]

In reply to a bookmark by John Johnston The templates contain what I want to have inside a blogposting for a reply, favourite, bookmark, rsvp or check-in. I apply them before I submit something to WordPress, so they are fully outside of my blog and get send as HTML to my blog. Two main ways: […]

In reply to a reply by David Shanske No worries, David. I think we had some exchanges about it at the time (2021) in the IndieWeb IRC chat. A migration tool would be useful for others I’m sure. In my case, I used the opportunity to style things differently too. So it wasn’t just a […]

This week was far too busy with appointments (and so will be next week). I felt more or less ok, but my concentration was off, mixing up appointments and forgetting important tasks. After next week I have two weeks off, looking forward to it. This week I Heard from a Ministry that while the national […]