This week was far too busy with appointments (and so will be next week). I felt more or less ok, but my concentration was off, mixing up appointments and forgetting important tasks. After next week I have two weeks off, looking forward to it.

This week I

  • Heard from a Ministry that while the national government is in transition all their procurement is temporarily halted. It might mean two new projects will not happen.
  • Had the weekly meeting with my psychologist. They gave me much reflect upon, but I also notice that opening up some mental space. If not for the many appointments this week, I would have spent more time on that reflection.
  • Had the weekly client meetings
  • Attended a webinar on a newly initiated so-call EDIC (a novel type of multinational European legal entity) on the Digital Commons in which the Dutch government is one of the initiators. Although it all sounds nice, I still have no firm idea what they are about.
  • Met up with a potential partner in responding to a public tender. We lack some deep legal expertise for the tender in question, but our immediate neighbours to our office work on precisely what we need.
  • Did the monthly invoices, we’re on track of our originally foreseen budget and planning, despite working with one person less than we thought.
  • Had a board meeting with Open Nederland, the Dutch association for Creative Commons
  • Had a board meeting in Amsterdam of the Open State Foundation that I chair.
  • Had a board meeting with ActivityClub, the newly founded non-profit that maintains the instance.
  • Did the VAT tax returns for ActivityClub, which also meant setting up the book keeping system, as we just started.
  • Had a long session with the Center of Excellence for Data sharing and Cloud in which many Dutch initiatives around data spaces are brought together as a network.
  • Met up with a potential new hire.
  • With E and Y had lunch at Castellum a sort-of replica of a Roman fort in Utrecht where they also have the wreck of Roman freight ship that was found while building that part of town. This continues Y’s current engagement and interest in the Roman history in this region.

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