A week that started out relatively ok. Tuesday at the end of the day I tested positive for Covid, and I ran a fever for a few days. By the end of the weekend I was feeling much better, although not fully recovered. So a week I was more or less looking forward to as it held little hard appointments and offered plenty opportunity for more explorative reading and writing for clients, I mostly spent in bed.

This week I

  • Looked in a bit more detail at the likely new themes for European High Value Data requirements. A report had been published last year, but I hadn’t looked beyond its conclusions at the underlying work yet. One of the themes that made the list I suggested early on in the research for this list. I read up on the type of datasets envisioned for each of the new themes, and added them to the guiding document I maintain for a client about European data regulations. The process will take a few years still before this becomes law (or actually two laws, one to name the themes, and then one to name the data), but one should consider this a mid to long range radar observation. (This is just the nature of the process. My work on something in late 2017 became applicable law this month)
  • Had the weekly conversation with my psychologist to deal with my burn-out
  • Attended the 6th Dutch Obsidian user meet-uo which was fun. This time I avoided playing a facilitating role, and just participated.
  • Had the weekly client meetings
  • Had a long conversation with a client and a Ministry to in more detail discuss the details of ongoing work.
  • Tested positive for Covid on Tuesday evening, and informed those I was in close contact with in the preceding days (because some of them fall in vulnerable groups).
  • Spent 2 days in bed with fever, napping some times when I wasn’t interrupted by a magpie.
  • Staring at the book case from my bed at the top floor I realised we have some books I didn’t know we had but had wanted to read.
  • Prepared for but ultimately didn’t attend the bimonthly meeting of the interprovincial ethics committee.
  • Discussed with colleagues how to better use information about budgets and time availability in each others work planning.
  • DId tiny bits of knowledge gardening
  • Talked a colleague through a set of slides about EU legislation and how it might impact local governments, providing feedback to pass on to his client.
  • Did mostly nothing during the weekend, except for reading fiction.

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