Last week was too much, so this week I aimed to take it slower, but it was still an intensive week both work wise and at home.
This week I

  • Had a for now weekly session with a psychologist.
  • Made some slides for a contact at the Ministry of Defense’s hydrographic services for them to use as an update on EU data space developments at a European meet-up of hydrographic services.
  • With Y prepared the birthday treats she would hand out at school
  • Celebrated Y’s 8th birthday in three stages, at home with the three of us (and a dinner in a local restaurant), an afternoon with 6 of her friends, and Sunday with family from both E’s and my side.
  • Participated in a hands-on workshop from TNO to play with their data space connector. This was a good experience, as the imagined workflows by the coders (who were present) don’t always line-up with reality. Usually data transactions are less straight forward than imagined in code.
  • Finished watching the second season of Dirk Gentley. Fun, dark too, and far removed from the original books (due to it being set in US context, where apparently more subtle irony needs to be replaced with blunt government black-ops to carry the storyline)
  • Went by Schiphol to visit the Royal Marechaussee to have my renewed ID added to my priority security access / border crossing pass.
  • Visited Arnhem for a small symposium about the development of the Dutch geo-information infrastructure and open data efforts. This was organised as the retirement party of a colleague who for the past 25 years led most of those efforts. It meant basically everyone who has played a role over the years in Dutch open government data, base registries and geo-information was there. Lots of people to catch up with, but my energy was quickly depleted so I did not stay around long.
  • Did most of the preparation for next week’s session of the Dutch Tactical Council for geo-information, including with a guest speaker going through their intended contribution, and annotating the agenda for a new incoming chairperson (because the previous one retired in the preceding bullet point)
  • Had a conversation with the SIDN Fund on potential contributions to the work of the ActivityPub/Mastodon non-profit I’m a board member of.

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