Clearly the mental space I had created for myself by acknowledging I feel burnt out had been used up now. So by the end of this week I clearly felt I need to pace myself better.

This week I

  • started of slow as Monday was a bank holiday. E and I finally got around to booking at least a first camping destination for the summer holidays.
  • had the weekly client meetings
  • made an appointment to have my fast track card for Schiphol airport security and border control updated as one of my IDs has been renewed
  • took a closer look at the EC consultation on the review of the 2012 normalisation and standardisation regulation, in light of the 2022 EU standardisation strategy. The latter does take into account data and digital, and the former mostly doesn’t as it focuses on the process of how standards are created.
  • cycled to the client offices in town on Tuesday, as the weather was nice
  • did some preparatory work for the Dutch Tactical Council for geo-information that will take place early June
  • participated in the ‘PKM campfire chat’ with Marie Poulin as guest speaker. A small group but an hour of lively conversation.
  • paid the monthly salaries to the team
  • made the story line and slides for a key note on the evolution of open data in the context of the emerging European common data spaces and the EU data strategy
  • had a board meeting of the new foundation ActivityPub that aims to promote ActivityPub in the Netherlands, and maintains the instance.
  • travelled to Brussels for a day and a half to attend and key-note at the annual day for open data and geo-information of Digital Flanders, the Flemish government agency for digitisation and data.
  • got approached by a Ministry if I can write two project proposals in the coming weeks for them.
  • took it slow in the weekend, doing some gardening and reading, the weather was nice enough to sit at the water’s edge at the bottom of the garden.

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