A week with few ‘hard’ appointments in the calendar, but it was a week with many little things so not as much focused time as I had wished for myself.

This week I

  • did some final invoicing for last month and some bookkeeping.
  • worked on the outline of a webinar on personal knowledge management I will be giving for RADIO, the Dutch national government academy for digitisation and information management at the end of the month. Also had a conversation with the RADIO team to discuss the flow and interaction moments in the webinar. Will need to work out the details in the coming week and a half.
  • had the weekly client meetings
  • went to city hall to request a new ID card and will pick it up later this month.
  • followed up on meetings of last week, writing some notes and sharing material.
  • spent Wednesday morning at the National Statistics office in The Hague. Some months ago I instigated a national meet-up of public sector ethics committees, which now took place, hosted at the NSO and organised by the IBDS, the intergovernmental data strategy program. A very good session with many interesting conversations and people.
  • picked up a kingfisher print at the graphics workshop of Roy Scholten.
  • spent a morning finishing reading a book while the sun was shining through the windows, rather than working.
  • had a team meeting around the interprovincial digital ethics program, following up on some ideas I got during the session at the NSO.
  • booked tickets to the PKM Summit for 4 colleagues.
  • finally made the session flow design for the data space track I will be hosting at the Belgian national geo-information conference on March 19th in Brussel, and informed the speakers I arranged with the details.
  • had a conversation with Chris Aldrich, about how to shape a session at the upcoming PKM Summit about the history of personal knowledge management.
  • cycled into the city on Saturday morning to see the movie Dune II. An impressively made movie, in an almost private showing (7 other people). Reread the final chapter of Dune afterwards to compare it with the movie version, as the role of Alice and the Guild Navigators is left out. The movie is left more or less open ended, with a clear hook for a third movie. And there is talk of a third installment. However the way Chani and Alice get positioned in this movie I think means that part three will diverge more significantly from Dune Messiah.
  • did some light maintenance on this site’s Now and Hello pages.
  • went to Ikea for some things for Y’s room, such as a book case and a better desk lamp. Constructed the book case and installed the other stuff.

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