We spent most of this week in Switzerland, staying with dear friends.
On most days I did some work in the morning, and we spent time sightseeing later in the day.

This week I

  • Joined E and Y at the swimming park Alpamare where we enjoyed the various slides, the wave bath, and the hot outside pools.
  • Had a conversation with the initiators of Notelab focused on personal knowledge management for students and teachers. They will participate in the PKM Summit at the end of March, for which I’ve been helping out to create the line-up of speakers.
  • Spent the evenings chatting with our friends, catching up.
  • Discussed the European strategy of and with a client.
  • Spent a day in Zürich, enjoying the city, seeing art, buying books and chocolate, enjoying coffee and cake, and watching Y buy some toys from her own money.
  • Had a conversation with the agency that will choose the competent authorities in the Netherlands for the enforcement of the EU AI Act.
  • Discussed the coming months of work on AI ethics for a police organisation, and how to organise it.
  • Saw the falls at Schaffhausen, and then visited the art museum in Winterthur.
  • Drove back home.
  • Read two of the books acquired in Zurich. One a bit disappointing, one excellent.
  • Did some gaming with Y.
  • Cancelled two data sim subscriptions. Still need to decide whether to change subscription or providers on my regular phone and data sim.

On the streets of Zürich last Tuesday

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