The week started with Y being ill, so I spent almost the entire week working from home. We spent the weekend with friends in Switzerland.
This week I:

  • Finished the monthly invoicing
  • Read the updated work plan for the Digital Europe Program to see what calls will be opened this year w.r.t. data spaces and digital twins for a client.
  • Discussed our work for the national police on AI ethics internally
  • Had the weekly client meetings
  • Worked on the plan for the data space track at a conference next month
  • Had a conversation with my brother in law S to discuss how to approach renewable energy for our home, and ditching using gas.
  • Discussed the outline of a webinar at the end of March about personal knowledge management I will be part of.
  • Had a conversation with Y’s teacher about her school development.
  • Packed up on Friday, and after picking up Y from school, left for Switzerland. We drove to a place in Germany en route, and continued on to dear friends in Switzerland the next morning.
  • Had pleasant walk in the woods catching up with our friends, and enjoying the view of the mountains in the distance once the sun burned through the low clouds
  • Struggled with my VPS at Hetzner. I need command line access to mount a new disk volume so that I have enough space to properly update Mastodon, but not succeeding in logging in through terminal.

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